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£2000: artist not included.

We also sell a Large Bronze version of the Solar Eye for outside use. The Bronze eye is made to order only and has a delivery time of two weeks to UK.
Price is £2000 plus shipping. To order please contact Peter Smith to discuss your needs and shipping costs.

3 thoughts on “Buy The Solar Eye

  1. Hi Peter
    I’ve just been given a Solar Eye by my wife as a birthday present. It looks amazing but to a dim fellow the instructions are taxing….Do you have any online drawings or even better a utube video? Regards – Alan.

    1. Hi. Sorry, I have only just got this email. There is no video so I will try and describe the moves. Set the eye to the angle of the sun at the equinox at your location. Take your latitude and subtract from 90. The answer is the suns angle in sky at your location on equinox. Using a protractor, draw this angle on A4 paper in landscape position (sideways) put paper on edge of table or other edged surface hold in place with tape. Drawn line should rise from edge of table diagonally upwards. Loosen brass screw a little so eye can move. Put base along edge of table with eye in in horizontal position. Line up both glass balls with line drawn ensuring base is at edge of table. Tighten screw using paper clip provided, just tweak it up it does not need to be tight. Face south on a window ledge and watch as the days go by. Hope that helps. I think perhaps I need to make a vid. Let me know when you have this reply and if you have further difficulty. Best wishes. Pete.

  2. Hi Peter, I’m building a series of sun dials on a hilltop & ridge just north west of Yosemite National Park California. I’m using crystal balls all over the place. Saw your “Solar Eye” and am interested in securing one. Thank you for your gift of solar art! I have a whitewater rafting business since 1965. I’m 70 just two year older than you…. Marty

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