Where the Light Gets In

PS Maker's Mark
PS Maker’s Mark

“Where the Light Gets In” is a gallery of ideas and interpretations of ideas that seeks to blend the knowledge of past civilizations that has been proven by modern science to work or perhaps, proven modern science to be wrong. The thinking is to create devices that are pleasing to the eye and serve a very real function in projecting the science of the past into today and to so demonstrate the continuity of links with our distant past that still govern our lives.

Where the Light Gets In
Where the Light Gets In

These devices are handmade by a Blacksmith, in collaboration with other craftsmen & women when needed to help research, interpret and develop an idea. The brief is to blend tradition skills, modern industrial technology and the idea into a viable, affordable device that can be “cottage industry” manufactured for the education and pleasure of those who choose to invest.
“Where the Light Gets In” also looks to return to a time before art became so, when the beauty of shape needed no description, no artist statement of interpretation, followed no schools of thought, just the basic intuitive sense of shape we all have that in days long gone gave us signals that were intrinsic to our survival. The art world smothers these, the very basic of life skills, as it attempts to put reason before intuition. “Cool Shapes” is an ongoing collection of artefacts handmade with no other desire in mind than to create positive shapes.

Where The Light Gets In: Peter Smith Foliate Gate
Foliate Gate
Where The Light Gets In: Peter Smith Riverside Gate
Riverside Gate

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  1. Francis Duck on behalf of his Grandson, Oscar

    Very many thanks for an extremely enjoyable day with you yesterday. Oscar learned so much from you. It was a joy to observe you teaching all three students each at his own different level of experience. I am sure that my grandson will remember your gentle and firm guidance for many years and will continue his enthusiasm for blacksmithing throughout his life. Whether as a profession or a hobby only time will tell.

    Kind regards,

    Francis Duck

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